The Book

This book discusses how important the process of exiting and entering a body are. It is a privilege to be gifted a body so you can experience the sacred journey home to liberation.

Yes, enjoy life but also prepare yourself for the experience of exiting the body. The wants and desires of this three-dimensional space are meaningless. Allow yourself to experience absolute consciousness while you are present in physical form. This is what life is about. You can experience the doorway to formlessness when you are in physical form or when you exit the body. Absolute love is birthed in this moment. Each day you are given the opportunity to practise absolute love, which connects you to absolute consciousness. Be present to life and death as one. Your multidimensional self is connected to all the lifetimes and the different roles you have undertaken. All these parts make up the whole you, which you can connect into when different attributes are required for each lifetime.