Dying To Be Born

Mother Earth continually demonstrates the harmony between life and death. The cycle of life is also the cycle of death, and each is as important as the other. In Dying to be Born, author Sue Lintern explores the differences between life and death, offering a new way of viewing them. She tells how it’s a privilege to be gifted a body so you can experience the sacred journey home to liberation.

In living, it’s time to realize how magnificent you are. Sue connects and assists you in remembering your significance. She defines who and what the significant self is and provides tools for the birthing of your significance. Dying to be Born discusses the six elements and seven truths of life and describes where they resonate in the body.

The symbolism of the elements and truths will assist you through the cycles of life from birthing to transitioning. This guide supports you in remembering that the mastery of life is the balance and connection to everything. It opens the doorway to what it means to be a multidimensional human.